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Coronavirus, Your Marriage, and Online Therapy


If you are struggling in your relationships more than normal with our current state of affairs, you are not alone. Even if you haven’t been effected by the virus, or had a family member effected, you may be impacted by the fear of its potential or of the economic impact it could have on you, close family members, or the world around you. For many couples, relationship issues are being made more complex and sometimes harder to cope with by the shelter in place orders. Online therapy is one way that we can help you cope through this time.

What is Online Therapy?


It’s secure, live video meetings, not phone sessions, and the convenience is wonderful! I have been doing online marriage counseling and online individual counseling for many years now. My practice uses which is an online platform used by physicians, psychiatrists, online therapists, and online psychologists. There is no login required, no user id or password to lose.  We will use the same link for each marriage counseling or individual counseling session. People are finding the same comfort and ease in talking with me online that they did when I was in my Roswell, Georgia office. Plus it’s been shown in thousands of studies to be as effective as in office therapy. The technology is easy to use and incredibly secure. And it’s available whether you’re looking for individual online counseling or for online marriage counseling.

What about privacy when everyone is home right now?


We have worked for many years with couples and families using online therapies, and we have helped many who are concerned about their own privacy at home. Here is how some of our couples have found the privacy to conduct sessions at home:

*Using music to provide a sound buffer, either outside the door or over air vents

*Making an attic or basement room hospitable for private sessions

*Meeting for sessions from the car

*Keeping the children occupied with a special treat or TV show/movie

*Using headphones during sessions

Under normal circumstances, people who might consider online therapy:


*Busy individuals and families who need to save time

*Busy couples who have difficulty finding the time to sit down and talk let alone drive to and from counseling sessions

*Couples and families who travel for work and need to be able to have a session regardless of whether they are out of town

*People with social phobia, depression, or a panic disorder

*Folks who want a greater degree of confidentiality



Part of the responsibility for confidentiality is now on you. You will need to be sure your computer is secure and that you can meet in a private room in your home where no one will be eavesdropping or walking into your sessions uninvited. And consider some of the ideas that other couples have used with us over the years.

Technical difficulties need to be considered. Most often they are cleared up within the first session.

How does it work?


We schedule your marriage counseling (or individual) sessions just like we would an in-office session. The only difference is when the time comes, we will meet online using, a HIPAA compliant website dedicated to ease of use and to your confidentiality. All sessions are secure and private.

After we’ve scheduled your session, you will be emailed the link to fill out the initial paperwork as well as the link for our sessions.

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