Talking to Your Spouse About Getting Help

Very often one partner wants out or is unsure of the marriage and the other wants to save it. Perhaps you are the one who wants to save it and are unsure about how to invite your partner to come to counseling. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Ask him or her to come to just a couple of sessions – to meet me, to see if I can offer anything different from what they’ve already heard
  • Ask him or her to come to just one session – to help give me some context so that I can help you better
  • Reassure him or her that I regularly work with couples where one of the partners is unsure and I am not going to pressure them into committing. I am pro-marriage but the way that I do that is by maintaining my objectivity. Pushing someone to commit would be less than objective and generally gives marriages less of a shot at reaching their potential