The Coronavirus Has Gone Global…

But You Don’t Have To.

marriage help

Marriage Help for Uncertain Times

I must confess. The easiest (and worst) thing for me to do when I’m upset with my husband is to go global. I really do know better, but my brain JUST GOES THERE! When he does something with our daughters that upsets me, I can easily make many grand conclusions about him and about our relationship. With coronavirus having gone global, I am reminded of how easy it is for couples to go global…emotionally and mentally…making painful moments even more painful with deep dives into “underlying problems.” When couples go global, they miss the big picture…and therefore miss any real pathways for change. With shelter in place orders in effect around the world, it’s that much easier for us to go global and to miss what’s really happening in our relationships…Click here for essential marriage help for the difficult times we are facing. (This link will take you to my neurofeedback website called Whole Family Neurofeedback.)